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The Kansas Kiwanis Foundation was founded in 1963, the Kansas Kiwanis Foundation is a charitable corporation organized under the laws of the State of Kansas and in accordance with the IRS Code 501 (c)(3). Our Membership is ALL Kansas Kiwanians. If you belong to a Kiwanis Club in Kansas, you are automatically a member of our foundation. Each division in the Kansas District has a divisional representative who is a member of the Board of Directors and represents individual Kiwanis members.

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Why do we give?

The Foundation supports Kiwanis Club and District activities and individuals from across Kansas with our financial resources. Only by each of us giving are we able to make a differ­ ence.These individual contributions are com­ bined to assist Kansas citizens and our District beyond what clubs or even the district can possibly do. Our money goes to:

  • Scholarships to students - A student from each Division who is attending a college or university, is awarded a scholarship and several at-large scholarships are awarded.

  • Sponsored Youth - Each of our three youth groups, Circle K, Key Club, Builders, K-Kids and Aktion clubs, receive an annual contribu­tion.

  • Club Community Projects - Each year a number of clubs are selected from applications to receive financial assistance in funding a community project.

  • Recognition of Achievement - At the annual conference, Kiwanians across the state who have contributed are honored.

  • Other - Support for the Kansas District Publication, the Kansas Kiwanian, district conferences, officer education at the club and district levels, and other special projects are underwritten.

How may I give?

A nationally recognized investment company invests all funds donated to the Foundation. Only the interest earned by these investments is used for our projects. This helps us to continue through the years in making important contributions to worthwhile projects. Kiwanians give freely of their time and money to support many activities. Contributions to the Kansas Foundation allows members an opportunity to support Kiwanis activities on a broader and larger scale.

Club Contributions

Each club is asked to contribute $5, $6, or $10 per member, per year.

Annual Giver

Individually, we ask each member to contribute at least $10 a year. Continued contributions by members may earn the status of:

  • Life Member - Individuals who contribute $100 as a one-time pay­ment, or making smaller donations over several years that total $100, earn this designation.

  • James W. Putnam Award - This distinguished honor is for individuals who have donated $500. Life members may also earn this award by continuing to contribute.

  • 50th Anniversary Pin Order - The proceeds of the anniversary fund will be designated for scholarships for students.

  • Memorial Contribution - Contributions made in memory of a Kiwanian by club or family members.

  • Planned Giving - Kansas Kiwanians can plan now to honor and support the work done by our organizaation as plans are made with personal financial advisors or lawyers. The following arrangements can result in a lasting contribution: Any individual in a Last Will and Testament or Life Insurance Policy can name the Kansas Kiwanis Foundation the beneficiary. Other methods of contributing include conveying title to real estate that contains a life interest. This allows the Kiwanis member to retain the income during his or her lifetime and then the property is transferred to the Foundation upon death. A Life Income Contribution also allows for the member or family members to continue receiving financial benefits until death.

Are you interested in doing your share in making our important work possible?

Contact us for more information by talking to any board member or writing to us at:

Kansas Kiwanis Foundation
4011 SW 29th St, #137
Topeka KS 66614-6201
[email protected]